Zotac and EVGA liquify the GeForce GTX Titan X

Nvidia's GeForce GTX Titan X is an extreme graphics card by any measure, but Zotac and EVGA apparently don't think the stock config is extreme enough. They've come up with their own takes on the formula with higher clocks and increased cooling.

Zotac's Titan X ArticStorm combines a water block with no fewer than three 90-mm fans. It lets the GPU's boost frequency scale up to 1114MHz, a modest 36MHz over stock, while the 12GB of GDDR5 sticks to the standard 7 GT/s. Three DisplayPort 1.2 outputs, one HDMI 2.0, and one dual-link DVI let the pixels out of this monster. There's no official word on pricing, but it's reasonable to assume that the sticker will be above the Titan X's $1000 list price.

EVGA offers up a different kind of double-whammy with its Titan X Hybrid, which combines a regular, blower-style fan with a water block and 120-mm radiator—all included in the box. This variant one-ups the Zotac card with a faster 1241MHz GPU boost frequency, but its 12GB of memory is clocked at the same stock speed.

The Titan X Hybrid can be yours for only $1099. If you happen to already have a standard Titan X, EVGA will happily sell you a water block and radiator upgrade kit for $109.

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