Friday night topic: ClearType rocks

Well, this isn't entirely off topic like our usual Friday night fare, but it's definitely interesting. I got my first look at Windows XP today, and I was completely blown away by the ClearType font antialiasing technology. For the uninitiated, here's an overview of the technology. You really have to see it in action, on your own computer screen, in order to appreciate what a drastic change it can be. ClearType is best suited for LCD panels, because LCD panels have a left-to-right red-green-blue dot patten inside of each pixel, and ClearType does its thing on a sub-pixel level. (Aperture grill screens, I should note, use a similar dot pattern.) However, even the 17" shadow mask screen I was using today looked great with ClearType enabled. Have a look at these before and after shots to see what it's like.

Depending on your screen and perhaps your own sensitivity to slight color errors, your mileage may vary. Still, I'm excited about upgrading to WinXP just to get to use this cool display tech every day.

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