Corsair lets the Bulldog out

Corsair makes a bunch of different PC components, including cases, coolers, and PSUs. Later this year, you'll be able to get them all together in the Bulldog, a barebones Mini-ITX rig built to handle high-end hardware.

Although Corsair says the Bulldog "looks like it belongs in the living room," the angular lines and red trim are a little loud compared to more subdued HTPC enclosures. The Bulldog looks like a better fit for the man cave—or the surface of an alien planet.

The DIY kit includes a chassis, liquid cooler, PSU, and motherboard—add your own CPU, memory, storage, and graphics card. It supports "full length" graphics cards, and the cooling is rated for processors up to 150W. Factor in the 600W SFX PSU, and the Bulldog looks well-equipped for its 4K gaming mission.

There are internal cages for 2.5" and 3.5" storage. I don't see any hint of an optical drive bay, though. That might seem like an odd choice for the living room, but most folks seem to be streaming video rather than watching Blu-rays.

The motherboard appears to be based on Intel's next-gen Skylake platform. It's not named in the press materials, but the spec sheet mentions DDR4 memory support along with USB 3.1 connectivity. Neither of those attributes apply to the Asus Z97 stand-in used to illustrate the Bulldog's closed-loop CPU cooler.

This custom unit exhausts hot air out the back of the chassis using what looks like a blower-infused radiator. For graphics, users can rely on their card's stock cooler or spring for an optional liquid setup. That accessory combines Corsair's H55 CPU cooler with one of the firm's GPU mounting kits. Corsair is also working with MSI on custom GeForce cards with integrated liquid cooling.

Expect to pay $399 for the Bulldog when it arrives in the fourth quarter. The graphics cooler is another $99, although the pricing for that product appears to be somewhat dependent on what sort of GPU bracket is required.

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