Windows 10 set for July 29 release

Mark your calendars: Windows 10 will be available July 29, less than two months from now. Executive VP of operating systems Terry Myerson made the announcement on the official Windows blog this morning.

Source: Microsoft

The lengthy post rehashes the new features coming in Win10, but it doesn't appear to provide fresh information apart from the release date. It does, however, detail a new promotional program notifying existing Win7 and Win8.1 users that they're eligible for free upgrades. Up-to-date versions of those operating systems should start seeing a Windows icon in the taskbar that advertises the upcoming OS. Users can "reserve" their free copies by entering an email address.

There's no need for a reservation to get a free copy of Windows 10, of course. The OS will be a free upgrade to Win7 and Win8.1 users for a full year after its initial release.

The July 29 ETA only applies to the PC and tablet versions of Windows 10, by the way. Smartphone users will apparently have to wait a little longer to get their hands on the new release.

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