Holy crap, Zotac made five versions of the GTX 980 Ti

Not content with the standard-issue version of the GeForce GTX 980 Ti, Zotac has created not one, not two, not three, nay, not even four versions of the GTX 980 Ti, but five!

Like blades on a fancy razor, Zotac has taken things to the next level here, folks, and that level is five.

The clock speeds on these various cards range from the bone-stock 1000/1076MHz of the one with the reference cooler to the scandalous 1253/1355MHz of the AMP! Extreme edition. Everything but the base card gets some version of Zotac's IceStorm triple-fan cooler and "Carbon ExoArmor," which I think is the fan shroud. Here's a look at the Omega Edition:

The details of the different versions are laid out on Zotac's website—from the vanilla card to the  AMP!, AMP! Extreme, and ArcticStorm—with the exception of the Omega, whose specs my feeble mind probably could not comprehend. Here's a curiously cropped shot of the ArcticStorm version, which combines a triple-fan cooler with attach points for a water-cooling system.

It's like putting Red Bull in your Monster energy drink, folks.

We don't yet have word on the pricing of the various Zotac 980 Ti cards, but they'll presumably start at $649.99 and go up from there in increments of 10 to 20 bucks—or something like that.

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