PowerColor's new sound card runs with the devil

Computex will be filled with products that most of us expected, but PowerColor's latest came outta nowhere. The graphics card maker is dipping into the audio business with the Devil HDX sound card. Insert your own Van Halen reference here.

The Devil HDX is based on a Cmedia CM8888 processor that supports 24-bit audio up to 192kHz. That chip is paired with Wolfson WM8741 DACs and fancy Nichicon Muse capacitors. PowerColor also adds a headphone amp that promises a "thundering high fidelity sound strike to your headset." Brace yourself.

Socketed op-amps allow picky audiophiles to tweak the card's output to match their preferences. It looks like the Devil HDX comes with four Texas Instruments LM4562 op-amps to start.

The main card has 1/4", RCA, and optical outputs, while the accompanying daughter board offers 3.5-mm jacks for surround-sound setups. PowerColor claims a signal-to-noise ratio of 124 dB for the 1/4" output and 120 dB for the RCA out, but it doesn't specify the SNR for the daughter board, which is probably lower.

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