Make your case your own with Cooler Master's MasterCase

Cooler Master's latest case can literally go to pieces. The MasterCase series, announced at Computex, features a modular interior and exterior design that's supposed to be flexible and friendly for regular system builders and modders alike. It looks pretty cool, too. Here's the MasterCase 5:

The MasterCase 5's interior and exterior feature modular panels and drive cages with a "clip and click" system for easy removal and reinstallation. Cooler Master plans "a range of replacement panels and doors" for the MasterCase 5, so it's possible that owners will be able to modify the appearance and layout of their cases with first-party accessories in time. This version ships with a single two-drive cage, two 140-mm fans (one at the front and one at the rear), and a removable top panel that can accept two more 140-mm spinners.

Another MasterCase variant is the Pro 5. The Pro version adds another 140-mm front fan, a three-drive storage cage, and an additional two-drive cage in the lower chamber. An upper mesh fascia and an extended top panel for radiator and fan mounting are also included. A third variant, the MasterCase Maker 5, isn't shown in pictures, but it should feature "sleek lines, solid top cover and (a) brooding, open-vent front door."

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