Killer slays wires with its Wireless-AC 1535 NIC

Killer Networking is taking to the airwaves. Its new wireless adapter, the Killer Wireless-AC 1535, brings the company's suite of gaming-focused features to those who want to cut the cord while fragging noobs. Those features include packet prioritization, multiple interface management, and latency reduction tech.

Killer's smorgasbord of gaming-oriented goodies aside, the Wireless-AC 1535 seems like a solid wireless card. It features dual amplifiers for better performance at long distances from an access point, plus support for 802.11ac features like multi-user MIMO for more efficient use of available bandwidth. This NIC can also share its spatial location for transmit beamforming, which could improve performance with a compatible access point.

The Wireless-AC 1535 will be available next month in three MSI products: the X99 Godlike Gaming motherboard, and the GT72 and GT80 gaming notebooks.

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