Fractal Design's Node 202 case takes low-key approach to living room

Looking to build a living-room gaming PC that blends in rather than stands out? Check out Fractal Design's new Node 202 enclosure, which applies the firm's understated sensibilities to a low-profile chassis that should fit inside most entertainment units.

The Node 202 supports Mini-ITX motherboards and SFX PSUs. There's also room for a dual-slot graphics card up to 12.2" long. Graphics cards are mounted on their side, and Fractal provides the requisite riser card in the box.

Due to the low ceiling, clearance for CPU coolers is limited to a stubby 2.2". The internal storage is fairly limited, as well. You get dual 2.5" mounts but no provisions for 3.5" drives or optical units.

Venting abounds, with filtered intakes for the CPU, graphics, and PSU. The graphics and PSU intakes are in the bottom panel, and the whole case can be turned on its side to give those regions access to more direct airflow.

Although the case doesn't ship with fans, dual 120-mm units can be tucked into the graphics chamber. Doing so presumably limits clearance for graphics cards.

The Node 202 will be priced at $79.99 in the US. Fractal also plans to offer a version bundled with its own Integra 450W PSU for $139.99.

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