Don't throw stones inside Lian-Li's PC-O8

The wave of new cases from Computex continues. The latest eye-catcher is Lian-Li's PC-O8, a fancy dual-chamber enclosure wrapped in sheets of aluminum and tempered glass:

Like with other dual-chamber designs we've seen, the motherboard is isolated in one half of the case, while the PSU and storage devices get a shared space of their own. But unlike those other bicameral cases, Lian-Li puts the PC-O8's intake fans in the front of the storage and PSU chamber. That might make sense with a liquid-cooling setup, since heated airflow from the radiator won't pass over the graphics card or CPU on its way out of the case. It's a little weird for air-cooling, though.

Hydrophiles can put radiators up to 360 mm long behind the triple front fans. The top and rear walls of the case have mounts for another 240-mm and 120-mm unit, respectively. Air coolers up to 6.7" (170 mm) tall can fit into the motherboard chamber. The PC-08's storage cage holds two 2.5" and up to six 3.5" drives.

The tempered-glass side panels are perfect for showing off the included RGB LED lighting system, which is controlled by way of three blend knobs on the back of the case. Lian-Li didn't announce pricing or availability for this case, but we doubt it'll be cheap.

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