Watch this astonishing thermal footage of Cryorig's hybrid CPU cooler

Water coolers typically don't generate any airflow around the CPU socket, leaving the VRMs and memory to rely on ambient airflow within the chassis. Cryorig's A Series hybrid is different, though. Its water block has an angled 70-mm fan that can be configured to blow toward or away from different regions of the socket.

The PWM-based spinner can scale up to 3,000 RPM, and speeds are adjusted "intelligently" based on the CPU temperature. But it's unclear whether the fan control logic can be tweaked—or if the fan can be plugged into a motherboard header.

At the very least, the approach seems to work. Check out the following thermal imagery, which is likely a worst-case scenario with minimal ambient airflow.

We really need to add a thermal camera to Jeff's arsenal for case reviews.

Cryorig's hybrid lineup includes three models to start, all of which have double-length radiators. The A40 straps dual 120-mm fans to a 1"-thick radiator, while the A40 Ultimate uses a beefier 1.5" unit. Larger 140-mm fans can be found on the A80, whose heat-exchanger lacks Ultimate girth. Expect to see all of them for sale this summer.

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