ViewSonic delivers PLS-based 4K monitor for $437

Ready for another 4K monitor that avoids TN tech? ViewSonic has rolled out the VX2475Smhl-4K, which uses a SuperClear PLS panel that promises true 8-bit color and wide 178° viewing angles.

The product page boasts about the display's "superior color rendering," but the specs don't detail the gamut coverage or color accuracy. They do, however, reveal that the screen has a relatively quick four-millisecond response time. The brightness and contrast ratings are pretty typically for a modern monitor.

When combined with the display's 23.6" diagonal, the 3840x2160 resolution yields a crisp pixel density of 187 PPI. Good luck seeing the individual pixels unless you've got your nose right up against the screen.

Inputs include dual HDMI 2.0, one of which is laced with mobile-friendly MHL support, plus DisplayPort 1.2a. All support 4K input at 60Hz, but there's no variable refresh magic.

At $436.99 online, the monitor is fairly inexpensive for a 4K unit with 60Hz input. The stand is limited to tilt adjustment, though, so you may want to take advantage of the VESA mount on the back. Thanks to TFT Central for the tip.

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