Future MSI PCs might keep eyes on your eyes

If a new partnership between MSI and eye-tracking company Tobii bears fruit, gamers with MSI PCs might be able to control and interact with in-game environments using their eyes. The two companies announced that they'll be working to incorporate Tobii's eye-tracking tech into future MSI gaming PCs at Computex this week. MSI and Tobii will also work to spur the development of games and applications that make use of the technology.

As for what one might actually do with a PC with eye-tracking, Tobii has outlined four possible interactions. In a game that supports it, players might be able to look at an object or enemy to aim, make eye contact with non-player characters, experience changes in depth-of-field based on the object they're looking at, or move the camera around by looking at the edges of the screen.

On the hardware side, MSI showed some pictures of a prototype laptop with Tobii tech on board—presumably the three sensors lit in red below the screen. Hopefully, those lights are just for show and not integral to the function of the sensors themselves, since bright lights right beneath one's field of view could be annoying.

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