Amazon is making an ''ambitious'' PC game

Amazon sells an awful lot of PC games, and now it's making one of its own. The e-tail giant's Amazon Game Studios division is recruiting for an "ambitious new PC game project using the latest technology." There's no information on the game itself, but the job postings list openings for engineers, designers, and artists. They also include specific positions for combat and economy design. Hmmm.

The Seattle-based team tasked with the PC project is already populated with folks who have worked on Half-Life 2, Left for Dead, Halo, Thief, Gears of War, Forza Motorsport, and BioShock, among other titles. We don't have a sense of the team's size, but this is Amazon, so the project probably isn't a small one.

Given Amazon's e-tail roots, I wouldn't be surprised if its PC game had a robust economy for virtual items that can be purchased for real money. Some kind of online multiplayer title that runs in Amazon's cloud seems likely. There's no indication of when the game will be announced or when it will be ready for public consumption, though. Perhaps we'll learn more at E3 next week.

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