Lego Worlds looks like Minecraft with virtual bricks

During last week's deluge of Computex news, I somehow missed that Lego is developing a PC game that looks very similar to Minecraft. Lego Worlds is billed as a "fully open-world, creativity-driven game." It offers procedurally generated worlds filled with virtual bricks, beasts, and building options galore. Check out the trailer:

In an interesting twist, Lego Worlds is already available as part of Steam's Early Access program, and it seems to be off to a promising start, with 89% positive reviews. The current version has terraforming and building tools, rideable creatures and vehicles, and a full day-to-night cycle, among other features. It's a single-player affair for now, but planned features include an online multiplayer mode, additional environments, more minifig options, and lots of pre-built content.

Eager builders can get their feet wet with the early version of Lego Worlds for only $14.99. The price will go up when the full version is released.  A release candidate is scheduled for early 2016, while the final version will probably follow later in the year.

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