Master of Orion reboot will take us to the stars again

Here's some news that should make gamers 30 and older very happy—and leave younger ones wondering what all the fuss is about. Wargaming, the company behind the World of Tanks MMO, has announced a remake of Master of Orion, the game that almost single-handedly wrote the book on the 4X sci-fi strategy genre.

Wargaming claims the game will be "built from the ground up," with improved visuals, voice-overs, and a new user interface complete with tutorials. As an added touch, they're bringing in the original series' music composer for a new orchestral soundtrack. The game isn't being developed by Wargaming itself, though. The task is being handed to Argentinian-based NGD Studios, which includes members from the original game's team.

There's no word on when players can take to the stars just yet. Wargaming hasn't announced a release date or any further details, though it appears that one can sign up for more info on the Master of Orion site.

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