Samsung shows off transparent and mirrored OLEDs

Samsung claims it has developed the world's first OLED displays with mirrored and transparent surfaces. Designed for digital signage and retail applications, the unique screens are being showcased at an event in Hong Kong this week. They look straight out of science fiction:

Mirrored and transparent LCDs already exist, but Samsung says its OLED tech produces much better results. The mirrored unit is supposed to have 50% higher reflectance than the LCD alternative, plus a higher contrast ratio and quicker response time. With 100% coverage of the NTSC color space, it apparently has better color reproduction than the equivalent LCD, as well.

According to the press release, the transparent OLED offers similar gamut coverage. Its transparence purportedly exceeds 40%, a substantial improvement over the 10% transparence Samsung attributes to see-through LCDs.

Interestingly, the mirrored OLED combines with an Intel RealSense camera to provide a "virtual fitting room" that lets shoppers see clothes and other accessories superimposed over their bodies. Samsung also thinks the tech is suitable for the home, where it could provide information in environments where mirrors traditionally reside. Bathroom mirrors with integrated displays have appeared in at least a few sci-fi movies, and I kind of like the idea.

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