Intel gets gamers up to speed with optimal IGP settings

Intel's latest integrated graphics processors might not max out recent games at 4K, but they're plenty serviceable. To help owners best take advantage of the graphics integrated into their CPUs, the company has set up a new gaming portal that recommends playable games and provides optimal graphics settings for different chips. Here are the recommended settings for Borderlands 2 on my Core i5-4690K's HD Graphics 4600 IGP—at a resolution of 1366x768:

Providing gamers with a series of screenshots isn't the most sophisticated way to share this information, but it's nice that Intel is taking some of the guesswork out of tuning in-game settings. It's also convenient to get a list of games that will run on a given IGP, though it's not clear what standards are being used for a thumbs-up. For notebook users and those whose starting point for PC gaming is an Intel IGP, this site could be a helpful resource.

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