Microsoft's Surface Hub leverages synergies, enhances collaboration

Microsoft has added a new member to its Surface family of devices. The Surface Hub is a behemoth, wall-mounted all-in-one that's described as a powerful business collaboration tool.

The Surface Hub is aimed at shared spaces like conference rooms—kind of like a whiteboard on steroids. A special version of OneNote is central to the experience. Users can draw freehand on the screen with two included pens, and it's possible to connect devices like laptops and phones for even more collaborative action. Mysterious features called Touchback and Inkback presumably sync changes made to content on the hub with other devices.

There's an array of sensors on offer, too. The capacitive screen can track 100 touch points, and it can distinguish between multiple simultaneous users. The pen input is claimed to be subpixel-accurate.  For remote conferencing purposes, you get two HD cameras and a four-element microphone array.

Two models are available, one with a 55" 1080p screen with a Core i5-based integrated PC, and an big honkin' 84" 4K beast packing a Core i7. Prices are appropriately business-class: $6,999 and $19,999, respectively. Global availability will begin in September.

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