Childhood icons clash in new Toy Soldiers game

As a child, I often staged epic battles between toy brands. There were no rules forbidding separate universes from crossing paths. Lego armies waged war against bands of G.I. Joes, while Transformers took on He-Man and his pals. My sister's Barbie dolls were occasionally used as hostages—and cannon fodder.

Now, Ubisoft is promising to bring a similar experience to PC gamers with the "Hall of Fame Edition" of Toy Soldiers: War Chest. The game drafts combatants from the G.I. Joe and Masters of the Universe franchises, plus two more childhood icons that will be announced at a later date. Those factions join four original ones that channel familiar genres.

You know you want to watch the trailer:

The graphics aren't stellar, and the Ubisoft-backed title will probably be tied to Uplay. But if they nail the next two armies, they can take my money.

The game is due this year, so Ubisoft has surely picked the other two factions already. How would you fill out the lineup?

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