Steam's Monster Summer Sale is out for our wallets

Run for the hills! The Steam Monster Summer Sale has begun, much to gamers' glee and dismay. GabeN plans to conquer the shores of VISA and the plains of Mastercard with discounts spanning a great number of titles. Here's today's selection of daily specials.

Entire franchises are on sale, with X-COM titles at least 50% off, Sniper Elite games at least 66% off, and the Metro series for 75-80% off. The Grand Theft Auto family is also included, but GTA V is only discounted in combo packs.

There are loads of other deals, of course. Project Cars, Cities: Skylines, and Pillars of Eternity are all staff-approved—and they can be had for 25% off. Meanwhile, Wolfenstein: The New Order and Wolfenstein: The Old Blood are 50% and 33% off, respectively. The Homeworld Remastered collection, which some of our subscriber gerbils are quite familiar with, is 60% off.

The list of deals rather long, so we could sit here all day talking about which ones we particularly like. What's tempting you the most?

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