Crazy Farming Simulator controller is real, available for pre-order

When we last heard about Saitek's custom controller for Farming Simulator, it was nothing more than a wireframe drawing and a promise. For those that have been waiting with bated breath for this thing to become reality, today is your day. The finished product includes a wheel, side control panel, and pedals. Aspiring MacDonalds can pre-order this baby today for $300 and expect shipment in the fall.

Once you get past the absurdity of this controller's existence, it looks like a ritzy way to sow digital seeds. The wheel features a pair of analog sticks and button clusters nestled onto the spokes for non-driving activities, and it certainly looks straight out of the cab of some large farm implement.

25 buttons on the side panel can be programmed to suit a range of simulated equipment, and the joystick should offer tactile control of in-game hydraulics. Those with a need for even more controls can double up on the panels, as well. Saitek tops off the experience with dedicated pedals.

For Farm Simulator diehards, there's probably no better way to experience life on the ranch.

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