Skylake boards from Biostar are coming in August

We still don't have official word from Intel on when to expect its next-gen Skylake processors. However, Biostar sent out a press release today that provides the clearest indication yet. The company's Gaming Z170X motherboard is designed for the chips, and it's slated to be available in August. Compatible CPUs will presumably be available around the same timeframe.

The Gaming Z170X has everything you'd expect from an enthusiast-oriented Skylake board. There are multiple PCIe x16 slots for graphics, quad DDR4 slots for memory, and an M.2 slot for mini SSDs. Putting M.2 drives right under the primary graphics card probably isn't great for thermals, though.

The feature list includes Type-C USB 3.1 connectivity and dual Gigabit Ethernet controllers. Onboard overclocking buttons abound, while plastic "armor" covers multiple regions. It looks like there are a couple of SATA Express ports on the right edge, as well.

A promo for Biostar's latest "built for gamers" video is also tucked into the press release. The footage dates back to April, and the cheese factor is nearly off the charts:

Um, yeah.

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