StarVR headset promises to broaden the VR experience

A new VR headset from StarVR promises a much wider field of view than more well-known goggles like Oculus' Rift. The StarVR headset treats wearers to 210-degree horizontal and 130-degree vertical fields of view, compared to the Rift's roughly 100-degree vista in both axes.

That impressively wide field of view comes courtesy of a pair of 5.5" displays, each with a resolution of 2560x1440. It also seems like some optical magic is going on between the screens and one's eyes—StarVR mentions custom Fresnel lenses in the optical path. The net result certainly sounds like it could be more immersive than other VR headsets.

Of course, developer support is important for any VR product. StarVR kind of has an ace in the hole here: it's owned by Payday franchise owner Starbreeze Studios, which also holds rights to major IP like an upcoming Walking Dead game from subsidiary Overkill Software. 

For those interested in a broader VR experience, StarVR will be showing off its goggles at E3 this week in the Overkill Software booth.

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