Howdy, folks. I'm on a plane heading to L.A., where E3 is happening this week. AMD is hosting its big press event at 9AM PT tomorrow morning, and I'll be live-blogging the whole shebang, 'net access permitting. I expect to learn more about the new Radeons based on the Fiji chip with HBM. Should be interesting. Tomorrow may even hold the answers to my questions about the missing 384-bit consumer version of Tonga. A guy can dream.

Later in the day, at 6PM PT, is this PC Gaming Show thing, which looks to be another press conference. I'll be attending that, too, and may also attempt a live blog from there. I don't know what that part of the day will have to offer, exactly, but it is kind of nice to see the PC getting some time in the spotlight alongside the Xbox, Sony, and Nintendo press conferences. That event will come at the end of a long day for me, so I'm expecting to produce some incredible typos, if nothing else.

Thanks to the guys, by the way, for keeping things going last week while I was out on vacation. I spent five solid days with the family, on the beach, without working much at all. Time off for me rarely happens like that, so I'm grateful. Now I just have to remember how to work again.

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