OSVR updates its VR dev kit, announces Android support

The OSVR coalition has announced a new version of its VR hardware, the Hacker Dev Kit. Version 1.2 of the headset features support for infrared head position tracking over a 360-degree range, by way of what looks like an external IR camera and a new faceplate. The coalition is also releasing an Android distribution of its VR software to facilitate mobile VR development for the platform.

The OSVR head-tracking module and IR camera. Source: OSVR

OSVR further teased a couple of interesting future add-ons for its headset. One is an ultra-wide field-of-view module that's claimed to increase the relatively narrow 90-degree stock FoV to a more generous 150 degrees. Another is a faceplate for smartphones that will allow a Samsung Gear VR-like experience for those who want to use the OSVR optics on-the-go. If nothing else, the hardware is versatile: we've already seen a Leap Motion add-on controller that adds hand-tracking capabilities to the headset.

Version 1.2 of the Hacker Dev Kit is priced at $299, while the IR tracking module is an extra $129. It looks like you'll have to be a registered OSVR developer to get your hands on either, though.


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