AMD's Fiji GPU rides in on four Radeon R9 Fury graphics cards

AMD has fired off a high-end Radeon salvo today in the form of four new graphics cards, all under the R9 Fury umbrella. AMD CEO Lisa Su introduced the new Fury, Fury X, Fury Nano, and a yet-unnamed dual-GPU card at E3 today. All of these cards are powered by the new Fiji GPU, and they're backed up with AMD's HBM memory tech.

The Radeon R9 Fury X

In its full-fat form, the Fiji GPU features 4096 stream processors and a total of 8.9 billion transistors. Each Fiji card will likely ship with 4GB of HBM onboard.

Fiji silicon, in the flesh

The Fury X is a liquid-cooled card, while the vanilla Fury sticks to air cooling. The Nano is a six-inch-long, air-cooled card that Su says is good for two times the performance-per-watt of the R9 290X. The Fury X will be 1.5 times as power-efficient as the 290X.

AMD CEO Lisa Su introduces the Radeon R9 Fury Nano

The Radeon R9 Fury X will hit store shelves on June 24 for $649, while the Radeon R9 Fury will follow on July 14 for $549. The Nano will follow later in the summer, while the dual-GPU Fiji card will arrive in the fall.


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