Tuesday's Steam deals won't let go of your wallet

It's that time of the day again. The latest round of games in the Steam Monster Summer Sale is up, and we've picked out the best of the bunch for you—assuming your credit card isn't maxed out yet. Here goes:

  • Elite: Dangerous 25% off at $44.99 — need I say anything else?
  • Assetto Corsa for $24.99 — not as publicized as Project Cars, but very well received by press and gamers alike.
  • The Talos Principle for $13.59 — this will make a pretty knot out of your brain.
  • Payday 2 for $8.99 — multiplayer robbing, meth cooking, and cop shooting at its finest.
  • Sleeping Dogs for $7.49 — Geoff loved this open-world romp, and so will you.
  • Baldur's Gate II Enhanced Edition for $6.79 — one of the best RPGs ever, because I say so.

There are also a few franchise deals up and about:

  • Final Fantasy games are 30%-50% off, with Final Fantasy XIII for $7.99 and Final Fantasy XIII-2 for $9.99
  • Street Fighter titles are 40% to 50% off, which lets you get Ultra Street Fighter IV for $14.99
  • A couple Need for Speed games are 78% off — both Need For Speed Hot Pursuit and Need For Speed: Shift are only $4.39

Whew, that's it for today. Anything else you could spot?

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