Eidos shows off Dawn engine, new Deus Ex gameplay

Eidos Montréal brought a tech demo of their new Dawn engine to the PC Gaming Show at E3 yesterday, justifying our collective investment in new GPUs. See for yourself:

If you're wondering whether all the graphical goodies will only be used for cut scenes, worry not. Eidos' Jean-François Dugas and Jonathan Jacques-Belletête also provided a gameplay demo during the show. The game looks pretty great, if I may say so:

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided maintains the gameplay style choices of the previous title, allowing players to choose whether they want to sneak, shoot, or both. Eidos claims to have improved the combat aspect of the game to make it an equally viable and challenging strategy as the stealth route. Players that choose the combat route can opt to not kill, too.

The previous game's boss fights were famous for all the wrong reasons. This time around, the devs are making sure they are an integral part of the game, both by improving the fights themselves and providing backstories for the characters. Killing bosses isn't obligatory, either, allowing players to keep blood off their hands to the very end.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is set to be released early in 2016.

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