Dually duel at 2CPU

Hooz over at 2CPU.com has put together a quality review of Tyan's Tiger MP, the low-cost dual Athlon/Duron motherboard. Hooz tests the Tiger MP with both Palomino Athlon MPs and Morgan 1GHz Durons. He tests against new the P4-based Xeons and Tualatin Pentium IIIs, as well, so this article is a good snapshot of the current SMP scene. The Tualatins with their 512K L2 caches look particularly strong in many of the tests. More enticing to me, however, are the 1GHz Durons. These cheap little chips pair up nicely, despite their relatively small caches¬ómuch better than I expected. It's a sight to watch a pair of Morgans whup up on a pair of Xeons in ScienceMark MP.
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