Killing Floor 2 simulates realistic gore with Nvidia's PhysX FleX

We've seen some neat demonstrations based on Nvidia's PhysX FleX particle-based materials simulation library in the past few months, but the technology doesn't seem to have been used in an actual game—until now. Killing Floor 2 developer Tripwire Interactive built some impressively disgusting bodily fluids and gore atop FleX, and the fruits of its labor got a public showing last night at the PC Gaming Show at E3. Hold on to your lunch, courtesy of this image from Nvidia:

FleX realistically simulates how the blood and guts of the big, ugly monster above come spewing out of its body when it explodes. Those gibs also fly around realistically when other characters walk through them or otherwise interact with them, as seen above. The effect is both convincing and gross. For more examples of PhysX Flex in action in Killing Floor 2, check out this GeForce blog post.

FleX is just one of several GameWorks technologies that Nvidia has made available free of charge to developers building atop Unreal Engine 4. Given its promising showing in Killing Floor 2, it'll be interesting to see how other devs choose to put PhysX Flex to use.

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