Put 4TB in your pocket with Samsung's P3 and M3 external drives

Seagate's Samsung storage division has announced two new 4TB external hard drives, touted as the world's first 4TB externals based on a single 2.5" disk. The M3 features a matte-looking finish with a kind of faceted pattern, while the the P3 goes for a glossier, more metallic appearance.

Thanks to the 2.5" drive inside, each of these bit buckets are pretty compact, at only 3.2" wide by 4.7" long by 0.8" thick (or 82 mm by 118.2 mm by 20.32 mm for metric users). Each drive weighs in at 8.3 ounces (236 grams). That's a pretty petite way to house 4TB.

Samsung throws in a couple pieces of companion software with each drive: the self-explanatory AutoBackup and a disk encryption utility called SecretZone. Both drives are backed with three-year warranties. Pricing isn't yet available, but expect to see this pair of drives on store shelves this month.

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