Lian-Li computer desks put regular cases to shame

Pfft, computer cases. That's old hat. What you need these days is a computer desk, and Lian Li just added two models to its desk chassis lineup: the DK-Q2, and its fancier cousin, the DK-03.

The Lian-Li DK-03 in all its glory

These desks are topped with a tempered glass surface that sits on an all-aluminum frame. Each desk features a removable motherboard tray with cable management holes for easier system-building. CPU coolers are limited to a rather short 3.5" (90 mm) tall, but these desks can handle graphics cards up to 17.3" (440 mm) long. Two rows of four 120-mm fans on each end of the desk provide cooling airflow.

The DK-Q2 will host an ATX motherboard, up to seven 3.5" and eight 2.5" hard drives or SSDs, and a single radiator up to 480 mm long. The DK-03 packs a double-whammy: it can hold two motherboards. The main board can be as large as an SP-ATX unit, while the second is limited to mini-ITX. This monster can hold up to twenty drives—ten 2.5" drives and another 10 3.5" units—and two 480-mm radiators.

Lian-Li offers an optional RGB LED lighting kit with LED strips, a dimmer, and a knob-based controller. Given the sheer size of these cases, and the aluminum-and-glass construction, these desks don't come cheap. Lian-Li prices the DK-Q2 at $990, while the DK-03 goes for $1490. Both desks will be available by the end of June at Micro Center.

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