Wow. I came here to write an Etc. post, and Jeff had already written something that nicely explains what's going on. Makes my job easier.

The short version is that Geoff Gasior is leaving us after a long and productive tenure of 13 years. That comes not too long after Cyril departed after nine years of service. One of the few problems with being able to retain good people for a really long time is that folks tend to make a big deal out of it when someone leaves. I'll take that problem alongside the positives, and I'm happy to have Jeff Kampman stepping into the Managing Editor role after a year of freelance work for us. I'm confident he'll do a great job. Part of his mandate will be to keep things rolling while I'm digging into in-depth reviews and articles. He's done that this week while I've been off covering the new Radeons, in fact.

Speaking of which, AMD has released a ton of info today about the Radeon 300-series re-brands and the Fiji-based Radeon Fury cards. They've also shipped the re-branded cards without providing review samples. I've been working to get us cards from AMD's partners, but many of them aren't quite ready to ship yet. I do have some things to say about both the 300-series and Fury, but getting something completed while traveling home from AMD's launch event has proven difficult. I'll have a thing or two written before too long, though, so stay tuned.

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