HP refreshes Envy 15" laptop lineup with Carrizo and Broadwell

HP has updated its 15" Envy laptop lineup, taking advantage of AMD's new Carrizo APUs and Intel's Broadwell CPUs. Two versions are available: the AMD-powered Envy 15z, and the touch-infused, Intel-powered Envy 15t.


The Envy 15z is built around one of AMD's A10-8700P Carrizo APUs, which is a quad-core chip that runs at up to 3.2GHz.  It also features a 1366x768 screen, 6GB of RAM, 802.11n Wi-Fi, and 750GB of mechanical storage. Upgrade paths include a beefier FX-8800P APU, up to 8GB of RAM, and 1TB of storage.

The more upmarket Envy 15t packs a touchscreen display in its base config. This system features an Intel Core i7-5500U inside. This Broadwell chip is a dual-core, four-thread affair with a 2.4GHz base and 3.0GHz Turbo clock. Though Intel's IGP might lose out in a fight with the A10-8700P's Radeon graphics, one can spec the 15t with a discrete Nvidia GeForce GTX 940M with 2GB of RAM, or a GTX 950M with 4GB of RAM. 15t buyers can also upgrade the 1366x768 stock screen to something better: 1080p and 4K panels are available.

Storage also gets a boost in the 15t—the base version comes with a 1TB HDD, but you can opt for a 256GB SSD, or a 1TB hard drive and 256GB SSD combo. Slightly disappointingly, the base wi-fi adapter is still only an 802.11n card, but an 802.11ac radio is an available (and worthy) upgrade.

These new laptops are available now, with the Envy 15z lineup starting at $549.99 and the Envy 15t at $899.99.

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