Vampyr will make players think about each bite

Focus Home Interactive has revealed a concept teaser for Vampyr, an RPG set in early 20th-century London. Check it out:

Players will embody the skin and canines of Jonathan Reid, a former military surgeon turned vampire. The adventure unfolds during the the Spanish flu epidemic, plunging the city into chaos and the hands of vampire stalkers.

Unlike many RPGs, the deaths of non-player characters will have permanent effects on the course of the game. Combine that with the fact that anybody Reid meets is a potential victim, and it seems like a variety of interesting outcomes are possible. Reid can't just bite in broad daylight, though: players will have to carefully study their victims and lure them into situations where Reid can feed unnoticed.

Drinking blood unlocks vampiric powers that Reid can use in the game's combat system. Using those powers will drain Reid's stamina, though, so it'll sometimes be necessary to find ways to feed during combat. Loot from dead enemies (or dead-er, if they were vampires) can then be used to various tools and weapons.

Would-be vampires will be able to roam the streets of old London sometime in 2017.

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