AOC reveals two 144Hz FreeSync gaming monitors

FreeSync monitors keep on coming. According to the folks at PC Monitors, AOC's latest gaming monitors, the G2460PF and G2770PF, offer FreeSync-infused 1080p panels in 24" and 27" form factors, respectively. Have a gander at the G2770PF:

Both of these displays appear to use TN panels with 144Hz maximum refresh rates. The G2460PF's brightness can be cranked as far as 350 cd/m², while the G2770PF tops out at 300 cd/m². AOC claims 170-degree horizontal and 160-degree vertical viewing angles, as well as 1-ms gray-to-gray response times, for both displays.

Both monitors come with four-way adjustable stands (tilt, height, swivel, and orientation), plus VESA mounting provisions. DisplayPort, DVI, and HDMI ports handle input duties, and AOC throws in a four-port USB hub on each display, as well.

As of this writing, the G2460PF and G2770PF are only listed on AOC's European website, so it's unclear if or when these displays will be made available in the US. UK list prices are £229 for the G2460PF and £279 for the G2770, which works out to about $360 and $440 at current exchange rates, respectively. If US pricing resembles those numbers, this duo would be among the more affordable FreeSync displays on the market. 

We've contacted AOC for more information on these displays, and we'll update this post if we hear back.

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