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My good friend Michael Romig wrote up a response to today's events that I'd like to share with you all. I said I didn't have the words to describe these events, but Michael does a pretty good job capturing the feelings of many of us right about now.
Today, this tragedy tears into the hearts of Americans and her allies. During this time of unprecedented world peace and prosperity, this unprovoked attack upon the government of the United States and her citizenry sends a horrifying message to all civilized nations of the world. Whatever economic and technological advancements, social reforms or philosophical confidences of our present day, the barbaric designs of our enemies can still strike at the heart of any nation, city, town and village.

Our adversaries supposed incorrectly that this display of unwarranted cruelty would turn the political and social views of Americans and the world favorably toward their causes. Our nation will turn in reaction to this aggression. Our unified response will reject submission to this infamous act, and cause us to remember on our now-uncovered foundations of faith, liberty, truth and justice. Faith in God and each other will weave the fabric of support for our dispirited neighbors. Strength and courage will fortify our swift response.

Through the sorrow of this tragedy Americans will vigorously reflect on the values which crafted our nation. We must never forget that the price of the nation, paid in full, is no greater than our price of national sanctuary today. Perhaps our youngest generations forgot or never knew that our liberty and freedom was not free, but paid for by the tragedy and triumph of our predecessors. What a cruel teacher is the day, that it reminds us of the price that has been paid. This attack has no greater hold than any act of cowardice in our past. It is through this pain and disbelief that we rise together as a nation with trust in God and solidarity with one another that we know we can overcome. That we can survive. And that we will prevail.

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