New EVGA Supernova P2 PSUs offer 80 Plus Platinum power

EVGA shrank its Supernova G2 PSUs to more reasonable power levels a little while back, and the company is now turning its shrink ray onto its Supernova P2 80+ Platinum PSUs. Until today, the P2 family consisted of 1-kW, 1.2-kW, and 1.6-kW units, but more sane builders can now avail themselves of 850W, 750W, and 650W units, as well.

80 Plus Platinum certification means these PSUs should reach efficiency figures of at least 92% under a 50% load on a 115VAC input, or at least 94% on a 220VAC-240VAC outlet. Like the Supernova G2s, these units feature 100% Japanese capacitors, fully-modular cabling, and semi-silent fan modes.

EVGA extends the already impressive warranty coverage on the G2 series to a full ten years on these P2s. Pricing and availability remain to be seen, but we'd expect a considerable price premium over comparable 80 Plus Gold units.

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