XCOM 2 gameplay video shows new soldiers, tools, and critters

XCOM: Enemy Unknown is arguably one of the few remakes that actually lived up to its predecessor's legacy. Its sequel, XCOM 2, was demoed at E3, and an official gameplay video is now up. Check it out:

This time around, the game takes place twenty years after Earth surrendered to an invading alien force, who turned humanity into a modernized but dystopian society. Enter the XCOM force, a runaway rebel outfit bent on overthrowing the alien overlords and saving humanity once more. Instead of being tied to a fixed base, players are now in control of the Avenger, an alien spacecraft converted into a mobile headquarters.

Judging from the video, combat is similar to the previous game. The developers do seem to be going for a more cinematic feel overall, though, with more voice-overs and a variety of new animations and camera angles. There are also new tools and soldier classes available, as well as new critters to shoot at. That snake thing in the video looks mean.

XCOM 2 is is set to be released next November. For now, you can find more information on the game's website.


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