New, smaller Flir One thermal camera works with Android devices

Thermal imaging company Flir's original One is a neat tool, but its bulky body only works with the iPhone 5 and 5S, and its 80-by-60-pixel thermal imaging sensor looks a little limited next to the 320-by-240-pixel units in some of the company's dedicated thermal cameras. A new, updated Flir One is available today, and it features a much smaller body along with a 160-by-120-pixel thermal sensor. A micro-USB version of the new One can be plugged into any Android device with such a port, too.

The One's infrared imaging sensor works alongside a VGA camera that captures images in the visible spectrum. The two images are then blended together using Flir's proprietary MSX technology to provide a detailed final result, rather than the blobs of color one might expect from depictions of thermal imaging in popular media.

Android compatibility is a nice touch, but be sure to check Flir's device testing results before plunking down any cash: the experience is apparently variable, with only the Galaxy S5, S6, and Nexus 6 earning full marks.

The Lightning version of the Flir One for iOS devices is available today for $249, while the micro-USB version for Android devices can be pre-ordered for a July release.

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