Bethesda accepts fan's bottlecaps as payment for Fallout 4

A couple weeks ago, a Fallout 4 fan who goes by the Imgur handle GatorMacheteJr (not to be confused with Machete Sr.) sent all the bottle caps he'd been saving up along with a note to Bethesda, asking the company to accept them as payment for a Fallout 4 preorder. (For the uninitiated: in the post-apocalyptic Fallout series, bottle caps are currency.)

And, well, it seems that someone at Bethesda has a sense of humor. Global Community Lead Matt Grandstaff, tweeted this image earlier today:

Those are GatorMatcheteJr's bottlecaps in the picture, and guess what—he's actually getting a copy of the game. Sometimes, things just work out. The only problem is, Bethesda will probably have to deal with a sudden influx of similar cardboard boxes.

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