ThinkPad loyalists will enjoy this retro Lenovo concept

Lenovo (née IBM) ThinkPads have a design history stretching back over 20 years. Despite some recent tweaks and tucks to these PCs' keyboards and outer shells, Lenovo's business notebooks still share the same basic DNA as the first models from 1992. For ThinkPad purists who take issue with those recent changes, however, the company might have an answer. Lenovo design VP David Hill revealed a concept for a more retro ThinkPad on his blog yesterday, and it's pretty neat-looking:

Hill says this concept arose out of a desire to produce a ThinkPad with entirely modern guts that embodies the line's traditional design cues, like the blue enter key, 7-row keyboard, a more festive RGB ThinkPad logo, and lots of status LEDs. The end result probably wouldn't look too out of place in some kind of retro-futuristic 1992.

Sadly, this machine is just a concept for the moment, and Hill is quick to caution that it probably won't see production barring considerable demand. Instead, this concept is meant to serve as a source of feedback for future generations of ThinkPad design, though this writer would be happy to see it hit the market as-is. Hill encourages those who feel similarly to register their feedback or interest on the concept in the comments of his blog post.

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