Watch 23 minutes of Battleborn gameplay here

Battleborn has been making some waves, mostly due to its pedigree—after all, it's being made by Gearbox, the same people that brought us the Borderlands franchise. They recently posted a 23-minute gameplay video, originally shown at E3:

Battleborn appears to be a mix of Borderlands and MOBAs. It's a first-person shooter where you control one of 25 available characters with wildly differing abilities. Characters progress through levels 1 to 10 in every mission, and they'll also climb a permanent rank system, which will unlock new abilities. Battleborn characters should fit into the usual attack, defense, and support archetypes common in MOBAs.

Gearbox's creative director explained a little more  of the game's philosophy in a forum post, stating that Battleborn takes elements from games as varied as Team Fortress 2 and World of Warcraft.

Multiplayer games should play out as 5-vs-5 matches, with a variety of gameplay modes available. Antisocial types like me will be happy to know that Battleborn features a full-fledged story mode that can be played either solo or cooperatively, as well.

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