Samsung and LG show off battery technology improvements

Nary a day goes by without news about new battery technologies, it seems, and today is no exception. Samsung and LG have both announced new advancements in this field, each of them targeting different problems from distinct angles.

Samsung's Advanced Institute of Technology has a new lithium-ion battery manufacturing process that relies on graphene layered over silicon, which it claims makes for a new-state energy density increase of 1.8 times that of current processes. Density drops to 1.5 times that of traditional Li-ion tech after the battery's 200th charge cycle.

Meanwhile, the folks at LG Chem have taken an arguably simpler approach, targeted at the smartwatch market—they've formed traditional Li-ion batteries into hexagons, in order to better fit circular smartwatches. LG claims the 6-sided shape can improve battery capacity as much as 25 percent, which could be a welcome improvement for the wearable device market.

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