New Unreal Engine 4 demo videos continue to amaze

We've covered amazing Unreal Engine 4 demo videos before, and more examples have been popping up as artists find new ways to bend its power to their will. This time around, instead of beautifully-lit apartments, we have something a little different.

That was a really tough one to watch on a work day when you live only 15 minutes from the seaside, as I almost picked up the car keys and left. This demo's author, "Koola", has been doing Unreal Engine 4 demos for a while, so go check out his other stuff, as well. It's safe to say his texturing game is top-notch.

Meanwhile, "aryoksini" has taken a somewhat different approach and mixed up everyone's favorite Italian plumber with the latest version of Unreal, to eye-popping effect:

aryoksini recreated the Mario animations and texturing by hand, while making use of environment assets available in the Unreal marketplace. We expect that Nintendo fans are drooling all over the place.

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