Star Citizen's first-person shooter module delayed indefinitely

Chris Roberts has published an update on Star Citizen's progress with some unfortunate news about Star Marine, its first-person shooter component. After blowing past a projected April release date, the game's FPS module has now been delayed indefinitely.

Roberts explains that the team felt the quality of the experience wasn't up to par, which is why they chose to delay it for the time being. The development process encountered some specific challenges with the game's networking back-end and instancing system—both of which are being rewritten entirely, as is the match-making code.

It's not all bad news. Roberts details many technical improvements in the works that are meant to benefit the whole game, and he states that only 15% of the team has been working on Star Marine, perhaps assuaging fears that the main project was losing focus. The delay of the FPS component should have no effect on Star Citizen proper, according to Roberts, and the team is considering releasing a new build without Star Marine entirely.

The final game is expected to have three coordinated components: Squadron 42, the single-player experience, billed as a spiritual successor to the Wing Commander series; Star Marine, the FPS component; and the main space combat and trading simulator—all set in a persistent universe.

Star Citizen is the poster child of crowd-funding success. It has collected a grand total of over $84 million to date and holds the Guinness world record as the most crowd-funded project of all time. However, the project has seen repeated delays before, and it seems players will have to wait yet longer to get their hands on the game.

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