The folks at Rockstar Games get it

I've been playing around with some semi-automated game testing options today, and among them, I tried out the integrated benchmark in GTA V. When I went to check out the log file with the results from my first test run, I found this:

Yep, Rockstar is reporting the proportion of frames under two key thresholds, 16 and 33 ms, and frame time percentiles in milliseconds, up to the 99th percentile. These outputs are very similar to the metrics I suggested in my original Inside the Second article and refined in practice up to my Radeon R9 Fury X review.

And yes, this is abysmal performance that I've just measured. Don't worry. That's just me being mean to a GPU and its memory subsystem.

I'm happy to see the smart folks at Rockstar providing this kind of output from their automated test.  Folks who use this tool properly will understand infinitely more about the actual performance of their system than an FPS average alone can capture.

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