Asus slaps its DirectCU III cooler on the GTX 980 Ti

Remember Asus' top-end take on the Radeon R9 390X? It seems like the company's DirectCU III cooler isn't just a red-team exclusive. A Strix version of the GTX 980 Ti popped up yesterday with the same cooler on board, and it's one fearsome bird of prey.

The most obvious step in putting all of that heatsink area to good work is a factory overclock, and Asus delivers on that front. A dual-mode BIOS offers two levels of performance. The milder of the two runs the card at 1190MHz base and 1291MHz boost clocks, while an OC mode cranks those numbers to 1216MHz and 1317MHz, respectively. Stock GTX 980 Tis make do with 1000MHz and 1070MHz clocks, by comparison.

For those that want to push the card even further, Asus graces this 980 Ti with a 14-phase power delivery system. Clocks and voltage are controlled through the bundled GPU Tweak app. As a bonus, buyers get a copy of streaming app XSplit Gamecaster that's good for a year of free broadcasts.

No word on price or availability yet, but we'd expect a stiff premium over garden-variety GTX 980 Tis.

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