Hey, folks. Today is a holiday in the U.S., so we won't be posting news according to the usual schedule. Some of us might be working behind the scenes a little, but I'm hoping we can get some time off to regroup and rest.

Incidentally, the start of the long holiday weekend is the reason we didn't have a TR Podcast live stream last night. I apologize for not posting a notice about that fact ahead of time. I was irresponsibly watching a frickin' huge fireworks display. We are attempting to make the live stream a regular, weekly affair. I expect we'll be back at it next Thursday with lots to discuss.

Meanwhile, things in Damage Labs are about as insane as ever. We had a weird past month or so, with an unprecedented number of PC hardware product releases that were not accompanied by review samples. I've pushed and scraped and waited to line up the proper hardware to review, and now we have a different problem: everything has arrived almost at once, with no restrictions on when we can publish. All of these products are in categories that I personally cover, too. I have an Asus R9 390X card mostly tested.

I think the fans make negative sound.

Not one but two variable-refresh displays with high-speed IPS panels are awaiting my full attention. They're amazing. There's a desktop Broadwell over there, and I also have a bunch of custom-cooled GTX 980 Ti cards in preparation for a roundup. Check out this sweet number from EVGA:

And this beast from MSI:

That's not everything, either! The air-cooled Radeon Fury cards should be coming in less than two weeks, among other things. So there's plenty to do, but I have to pick my path through it all.  Just bear with me, and, well, there should be plenty to read in the coming days.

I'm happy to say we have some help in the form of another news contributor, who most of you know as derFunkenstein. We may be adding some more staff soon, too.

One more thing. I'd like to thank the folks at Monoprice for joining us as sponsors. You may know them as the affordable source for HDMI cables and the like, but they have tons of other tech gear, including monitors. Go check out their stuff and support the site. They've even hooked me up with a better mic setup for the podcast, so I don't have to wear a big headset during the show. The mic is almost Jordan-class equipment, I dare say. We'll try it out next week.

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